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Holiday updates

Please check the holidays list as the June Bournemouth ENOTDS holiday has had to be rearranged for early November and the September Whalley holiday has had to be cancelled. It is pleasing to see that dancing is going to restart in the Summer with Old-time at Glenfield and it will be fantastic to see all your happy dancing faces again - Fred

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26th - 29th November 2021

I am please to confirm that I have agreed 26th - 29th November with the Kensington Hotel in Llandudno for our Turkey & Tinsel weekend with Popular Sequence & Old-time dancing to David Ingley music. The cost will be £188 per person but I will not be taking any bookings until we are confirmed as being able to dance again by Government guidelines. More definite details to follow but in the meantime note the date and keep well and safe so that you are able to join us - Fred

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Due to the Covid pandemic and the fact that most of our dancers are in the 'over 70' group and are not likely to have had their 2 vaccinations this side of the summer I am afraid that the Bournemouth holiday for March and the ENOTDS holiday in April have both had to be cancelled. We are arranging alternative dates and will put them on this site as soon as they are confirmed - Fred

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Latest News update

Latest News Update - the renewal date in my previous post should of course read 2022 - Fred

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Latest News!

No good news I am afraid as far as the dancing goes! Still hope to be able to dance in Bournemouth in March next year but who knows? Watch this space!!

The next issue of ENOTDS newsletter 'Winter News' will be published by the end of the month and will include details of FREE Christmas Music; 'My Musical Life' by David Ingley; 'My Possible Dream' by Derek Young; as well as our usual articles on holidays, members news and views, etc. If you are not a member of ENOTDS and would like to receive a copy then let me or Membership Secretary, Mike, have your details and subscriptions, just £10 for singles or £14 for couples, with nothing more to pay until January 2021. Members will receive their copies as usual. President Fred. Full details on our web site

Keep well & safe and doing those old-time dances in your lounge!! Fred

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Turkey & Tinsel Holiday

I am sorry to report that this holiday has been cancelled. I had a long discussion with the Hotel yesterday as they are still closed due to the North Wales lock-down and have no idea when they will be allowed to reopen. We are now left with the hope that things will get better in the New Year and that we will be able to go ahead with our next Social Sequence dance weekend in March. This is scheduled for the Mayfair Hotel in Bournemouth but no decision will be made or details available until we are sure it can take place. Our next Turkey & Tinsel weekend is due at the end of November next in Llandudno as usual - full details will be available later next year. Keep well & safe - Fred

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Latest News!

We have just received the latest update on Covid Guidelines as follows -

Following the latest announcements from the various Governments you are still able to keep your classes running (subject to any extra local restrictions that may come in) albeit in a new way. Some genres are finding it harder to return than others, particularly our partner dance branches. You will note from the last email that we had uploaded an example of “Commercial” to the video section of the website.  We have now added more videos to give you more ideas of how you can maintain partner classes in a new format. Either “Dancing in a box” or ”Dancing in Lanes”. It is a time to really stretch your creative thought processes. The key thing to remember throughout is that partners must be from the same household (or support bubble) and you must make sure not to dance into someone else's vapour trail. Therefore, Social Dances and Practice sessions where you are dancing and progressing around the room should still not be happening. We are aware that some are taking place, and this is putting pressure on you to join in. Tighter restrictions have just been implemented by the Government because people are not sticking to the rules/guidance in all areas of life, if we want to get through this quicker, we all need to be playing our part by adhering to the guidance/rules.

From this you will see that we are not allowed to dance and it puts the holiday in Llandudno at the end of November in doubt. We will make a decision on this with the Hotel early next month - Keep Safe & Well - Fred

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Lockdown Latest

We have just received the latest Guidance from one of the Dance Society's - 

  "Members who teach partner dances should only conduct private lessons with the maximum of 1 couple, who should be from the same household. On no account should group classes, practises or social dances take place.

Teachers, who have taken their insurance through UKAdance please note, failure to adhere to our guidance will mean your insurance is not valid".

It is clear from this that our August 30th dance at Lostock will not now be able to go ahead but we still have our fingers crossed for the T & T weekend in Llandudno at the end of November - keep safe and well - Fred

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Due to the restrictions placed upon us by the Government all dances and holidays are CANCELLED until further notice - keep fit, safe and well and doing your dance exercises ready for when we can all get dancing again. Fred

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Llandudno November 2019

Our T & T w/e at the Kensington Hotel, Llandudno was a resounding success with over 60 attending and dancing Old Time & Popular Sequence dances to the music of David Ingley - Fred

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April Holiday

The ENOTDS Old-time Dancing Holiday 27th April to 1st May at the Kensington Hotel, Llandudno has just 2 twin rooms left - BOOK NOW if interested - Fred 

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Tea Dance 22nd March

the programme will be - 

1.  VELETA.                                             9.  ROYAL WINDSOR WALTZ


3.  LOLA TANGO.                                 11.  TANGO LAS VEGAS


5.  WAVERLEY TWO STEP.               13.  MEXICAN SWING

6.  BALMORAL BLUES.                       14.  SAUNTER TOGETHER


8.  VALSE MARTINE.                           16.  GEORGELLA BLUES

Interval                                                      17.  LILAC WALTZ

hope you are able to join us; next dance 30th August - Fred

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Programme for 18th April Chobham Dance 

1. Welcome Waltz            

2. Stoneacre Saunter

3. Variety/Sindy Swing

4. Rivilin/Blue Angel Rumba

5. Trelawney/Tayside Tango

6. Gershwin Foxtrot

7. Mambo Marina/Magic

8. Black Country Blues

9. Jasper/Mayfair Quickstep

10. Chester/Lilac Waltz

11. Freda/Melody Foxtrot

12. Lace Agate Swing

13. Star Ruby Rumba

14. Midnight Tango

15. Kaymar Sway

16. Charnwood/Jacqueline Cha Cha

17.Edwardian/Grand Floridian Gavotte

18. Dinkie One Step/Alpine Stroll

19. Saunter Reve/Together

20. Bluebird/Catherine Waltz  

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Last Minute Bournemouth Holiday Availability - NOW ALL SOLD

Due to a late cancellation we have a twin room available at the Mayfair Hotel, Bournemouth for our Old Time dance weekend with music by David Ingley; March 13th - 15th; 2 nights DB&B & dancing just £102 pp for 2 sharing. Details 07484698112

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Turkey & Tinsel Holiday

Our T & T w/e 29th November to 2nd December was a resounding success with almost 60 attending. We danced over 120 old time & popular sequence dances to the great music of David Ingley; the Christmas ambience of the Hotel was superb as were the meals. There was lots of fun and laughter, spot prizes and elimination dances and the Charity Raffle raised a fantastic £141 for the Haemophilia Society, for which I thank all the dancers very sinerely. The holiday will be repeated the last weekend in November next year and deposits are already being received which goes to prove what a good time the dancers had this year. Hope you can join us - Fred

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Tea dance 24th November

Programme for 24th November is -

1.  REGIS WALTZ.                                 9.  CHESTER WALTZ

2.  SAUNTER REVE.                             10.  EDWARDIAN GAVOTTE

3.  TANGO LAS VEGAS.                      11.  ROYAL EMPRESS TANGO

4.  BALMORAL BLUES.                       12.  WHITE ROSE/MELODY FOXTR’T




8.  LILAC WALTZ.                                16.  GEORGELLA BLUES

Interval                                                      17.  WALTZ of the BELLS

Due to the drastic fall in numbers attending and the difficulty of filling in a date for next year I am afraid that this could be the last Old Time Dance at Lostock!

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Tea Dance 27th October

the programme for our penultimate tea dance at Lostock Church Hall will be

1.  ALISON WALTZ.                              9.  CHESTER WALTZ

2.  CAROLINA SAUNTER                   10.  CLASSIC GAVOTTE

3.  MIDNIGHT TANGO.                       11.  RIALTO TWO STEP

4.  BAMBI BLUES.                                 12.  DESMOND BLUES

5.  TANTIVITA.                                      13.  LOLA TANGO

6.  ON LEAVE FOXTROT.                   14.  La CZARINE

7.  DIXIE SWING.                                  15.  SHERRIE SAUNTER

8.  VALSE MARTINE.                           16.  GEORGELLA BLUES

Interval                                                      17.  VALSE LOUISE

look forward to seeing you there - Fred

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19th October

Due to Wendy being in hospital from 14th for her operation on 18th I will be running the old time & popular sequence dance at East Grinstead on 19th October - programme -

Alison Waltz                                                             Mayfair Quickstep

     Saunter Rev’e                                                           Bermuda  Foxtrot / Iris Foxtrot

     Tina Tango                                                               Dinkie One Step / Glengarry Swing

Mexican Swing                                                       Tango Sereda

Harry Line Foxtrot / Melody Foxtrot                   Serene Saunter

     Saunter Shiraz / Soverign Saunter                        Rumba Deargo

     Desmond Blues                                                      Sindy Swing

     Midnight Tango/Tayside Tango                            Black Country Blues

     The Veleta                                                              Catherine Waltz

      hope you can join us - Fred


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Sunday Tea Dance 1st September

the programme will be as follows - I look forward to seeing you there - Fred

1.  VELETA.                                             9.  FREDERICKA SCHOTTISHE

2.  SAUNTER ADELE.                          10.  WEDGWOOD BLUE GAVOTTE

3.  TANGO LAS VEGAS.                      11.  WINFIELD QUICK STEP

4.  DESMOND BLUES.                          12.  IDAHO FOXTROT


6.  BERMUDA FOXTROT.                   14.  SWINGOLA

7.  RAGTIME SWING.                          15.  SAUNTER REVE

8.  VALSE MARTINE.                           16.  MANHATTAN BLUES

Interval                                                      17.  REGIS WALTZ

Next dance here – Sunday – 27th Oct; 24th Nov.

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Turkey & Tinsel Holiday

Our holiday in Llandudno 29th November till 2nd December is almost sold out - we just have a couple of twin non-sea-view rooms available. If interested please get in touch soon to avoid disappointment. Fred

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