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Frejoy dance group was started many years ago by Fred & Joyce Boast and has been based in Middlewich, Cheshire, since 1999. With Joyce's untimely passing away from cancer in January 2019, Fred has decided to relocate to his roots in Addlestone, Surrey as from August 2019.

Fred is a qualified teacher of Old Time Sequence Dance with both the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing, and the Allied Dance Teachers Association. He is also a Fellow in both Societies.

Fred grew up in Surrey and started dancing at a young age, and Joyce originated from Liverpool - also gaining a passion for dance when she was young. They danced together from 1997 until Joyce's untimely death in 2019. 

Regular dance holidays are organised and have many contented holiday goers who attend time and time again, but we are always happy to welcome new people. See the Holidays page for more details.