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Frejoy Dancing - Old Time and Modern Sequence Dancing

Having been established for many years we know how to get that perfect balance between teaching and entertainment and run popular Old Time and Modern Sequence Dance Clubs on a regular basis. 

We are always keen to welcome new people so please visit our Dances page for more information.

As well as our regular dances we also organise numerous Old Time Dancing Holidays - keep an eye on our Holidays page for upcoming trips.

And for all those future Bride and Grooms - visit our Weddings page for more information on how we could help calm your 'first dance' nerves!

We hope this site can inspire you to come along to one of our events and give you the information you need however if you ever need more details don't hesitate to contact us via our Contact page or using the details below...

Email us at: 

Call us on: 01606 834492 or 07967 745482

Latest News

Tea Dance 18th March

February 19, 2018

programme for 18th March will be - Regis Waltz; Kaybee Saunter; Midnight Tango; Edwardian Gavotte; melody Swing; Desmond Blues; Progressive Quadrilles; Bermuda Foxtrot; Fylde waltz; Countess Waltz; Rialto Two Step; Granchester Saunter; Ragtime Swing; Firefly Tango; Fiona's Polka; La Mascotte; Helena Quickstep & Valse Louise - the leaders will be Keith & Eve as Joyce & Fred will be in St. Anne's for the Christening of their great grand-daughter. Please support them.

Tea Dance 18th February

February 7, 2018

the programme for our next Tea Dance will be - Waltz Debonair; Southern Two Step; Sherrie Saunter; Trelawney Tango; Classic Gavotte; Honky Tonk Swing; Idaho Foxtrot; Vesta Waltz; Festival Glide; Chester Waltz; Rosetta Two Step; Bambi Blues; Tango Solair; Carolina Saunter; Winfield Quickstep; Wedgwood Blue Gavotte; Manhattan Blues & Waltz of the Bells. We hope that you can join us - Fred & Joyce

ENOTDS Tea Dance, 4th March

January 12, 2018

see full details under 'Dances' - programme will be -

REGIS WALTZ                                                                    MEXICAN SWING

WAVERLEY TWO STEP                                                    KAYMAR SWAY

KAYBEE SAUNTER                                                           VALSE MARTINE

LOLA TANGO                                                                     CLASSIC GAVOTTE

BAMBI BLUES                                                                    PREMIER TWO STEP

RAGTIME SWING                                                              BALMORAL BLUES

ERDWARDIAN GAVOTTE                                               ROYAL EMPRESS TANGO

LANCERS                                                                            SAUNTER REVE

ON LEAVE FOXTROT                                                       HELENA QUICKSTEP

La CZARINE                                                                        WALTZ of the BELLS

Tea Dance 21st January

January 4, 2018

Our first Old Time Dance of 2018 will be on 21st January at Lostock Church Hall and the programme will be - Alison Waltz; Waverley Two Step; Kaybee Saunter; Tango Las Vegas; Edwardian Gavotte; Chicago Swing; Bermuda Foxtrot; La Czarine; Bambi Blues; Valse Martine; Kaymar Sway; Premier Two Step; Saunter Adele; Lola Tango; Idaho Foxtrot; Mexican Swing; Desmond Blues; Helena Quickstep & Lilac Waltz. Look forward to seeing you there. Fred & Joyce

Charity Dance

January 3, 2018

Our 29th December Dance with music by David Last was attended by over 60 dancers and with a great raffle of donated prizes we made a profit for the Charities of over £400. Our thanks to all who attended from far and wide on a bit of a snowy day. Fred & Joyce.

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