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CDs, DVDs & Books for Sale

Good discounts for ENOTDS members.



All Savoy Music CD's are available from us at discounted prices.

Also Maestro Records CD's.



All 'Teach Yourself Old Time & Popular Sequence Dances' are also available from us at discounted prices.

We have filmed some more of the teaching the old time dances DVD's and these will be made by Savoy Music like the first 4 in the series.

NOW AVAILABLE. Contact us for a complete list, please.

Books -The First 25 Years of the Old Time Dance Society @ £2.

The Bryan Smith Story 'A Wandering Minstrel' @ £4.95.  

A History of Sequence Dancing by T.A. Whitworth @ £7.95. NOW £7.


OFFER - post & packing included

Please e-mail for a list of products available or to arrange purchasing any item.


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